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Fourth of July Firework Safety

It isn’t the Fourth of July without fireworks and with the Fourth of July right around the corner this means it’s time to prepare for fireworks galore. Though it’s fun to light off the fireworks and see them light up the Salt Lake City area, the same explosive force that awes audiences can also lead to serious injury and sometimes even wrongful death. Every year there is a firework related incident and every year a lawyer is called. Don’t ruin our nation’s holiday because you didn’t take the necessary precautions.

Dangers of Fireworks

Most firework related incidents occur simply because the person handling the fireworks doesn’t know how to light them properly. Having alcohol in the mix doesn’t help the situation either. Alcohol creates a more dangerous situation and can increase the probability of injury or death. Never let someone who has been consuming alcohol light off fireworks or stand too closely.

Fireworks can also be manufactured incorrectly, which can cause injury several ways. First, it can ignite and explode prematurely, not allowing the consumer to step a safe distance away. A defective fuse might also cause the firework to ignite improperly, resulting in the firework to explode in an unpredictable way. Lastly, fireworks that are designed to skyrocket into the air can sometimes be dangerous to onlookers and other vehicles in the area.

How to Stay Safe This Holiday

In order to ensure that no incidents occur this Fourth of July, always read the firework package carefully. Also, never let children handle the fireworks, unless with serious adult supervision. Next, only light the fireworks off outdoors and away from hazards such as tall trees and grass as well as buildings and cars. Never try to reignite defected fireworks, and always wear safety goggles and gloves to make sure you keep yourself safe and avoid a wrongful death or injury. No one wants to have to call an attorney on the holidays, so make sure to follow these safety tips so you don’t have to.

There is not reason you should have to call a personal injury lawyer from a firework related incident. Follow these precautions so you can have a fun, safe and enjoyable holiday.

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