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Four Major Causes of Truck Accidents

Accidents involving commercial trucks are some of the most devastating accidents you will ever see on the road. Because of the nature of these accidents, multiple parties can be held at fault. If you are involved in an accident with a commercial truck in Utah, call a Utah truck accident attorney immediately. However, it does help to know the causes of truck accidents so you can avoid them. The four main causes of truck accidents are:

Driver Fatigue

Commercial truck drivers typically haul goods for thousands of miles and can drive for more than twelve hours at a time. The result is that drivers are incredibly tired, which affects their concentration, leading to gruesome accidents.

Though federal regulations allow truck drivers to only drive eleven hours at a time, many surpass the limit. Sleep deprivation significantly and negatively affects cognitive capacity.

Therefore, if you see a commercial truck being recklessly driven, it is best to get out of the way to avoid an accident.


Speeding is a major cause of road accidents, but it is different for commercial trucks. Smaller vehicles are easier to control and maneuver, making them more likely to avoid collisions at high speeds.

However, trucks are massive and designed for traveling long distances and carrying heavy loads. They are hence harder to steer, and at high speeds, accidents become very likely.

You should always report a speeding truck to the authorities because it means an accident is imminent.

Poorly Loaded Cargo

Commercial trucks usually carry heavy cargo that may sometimes exceed the truck’s limit. If the freight is improperly loaded, it vastly increases the chances of the truck being involved in an accident.

Cargo shifting, overloaded cargo, and unbalanced weight distribution could make the truck lose control or cause other vehicles to collide. It is crucial to note if a truck’s cargo looks overloaded as it may be the cause of a crash.

Poor Maintenance

Though carrying valuable goods and traveling long distances, some trucks are poorly maintained. Some truck companies neglect maintenance for short-term cost savings.

Equipment failure, like a tire blowout on a commercial truck, can have devastating consequences. Proper maintenance is crucial, and if involved in a commercial truck accident, you should always check the vehicle’s maintenance records.

Call a Utah personal injury lawyer if you are ever involved in a truck accident in Utah.

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