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Filing a Claim After a Single-Vehicle Accident

Injured? Hire a Car Accident Attorney Today

There are over 52,000 car accidents each year in Utah, many of them single-car accidents. Over 22,000 people are injured in vehicle accidents in the state each year. How do single-vehicle accidents occur? People drive in bad weather or swerve to avoid hitting a dog or a deer. A car may be damaged by hitting a big pothole. People also make the mistake of texting while driving. If you’ve been in a single-vehicle accident, you may want to consider hiring a car accident attorney.

If you should suffer from a single-vehicle accident, make sure you get to safety and gather any information you can on the spot. If you have a camera, take pictures. Your insurance company will need accurate information. Contact the authorities. Call for any medical assistance that you may need.

Then, contact a car accident attorney at Robert J DeBry & Associates. You may feel that you’re equipped to handle the legal side of an accident by yourself, but having a legal professional on your side is always a safe bet. Give your car accident attorney all your most up-to-date insurance information, including any photos and documents you may have.

At Robert J. DeBry & Associates, you will receive a free consultation and have someone on your side through every step of the process, defending your rights if you’re involved in single-vehicle accidents. Your car accident attorney has the knowledge to help you file a solid claim. This will be a comfort when you and your loved ones are in pain and under stress.

The attorney will walk you through the legal system and make you feel taken care of. Your attorney will fight for the appropriate compensation for all expenses you have incurred during and after the accident.

The goal of every attorney at Robert J. DeBry & Associates is to enable you to put some of the trauma behind you so you and your loved ones can get on with your lives. If you need an attorney, contact us today!

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