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How to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Getting injured at work while in Provo, Utah, is a common occurrence. Some don’t realize they can file for a workers’ compensation claim against their employer. Unlike a personal injury lawsuit, workers’ compensation is a no-fault system. It’s important to know that you do not need to prove that your employer acted carelessly in order to receive benefits. You do, however, need to show your attorney that the injury sustained occurred at work and or was caused by your work activities.

How to Report an Injury

In the State of Utah, you are not eligible for workers’ compensation benefits until you report the personal injury or illness. You must notify your employer and your lawyer of the work-related personal injury either orally or in writing. There is a time limit in order to file a claim. If you fail to inform your employer of the injury within 180, there is a chance you may lose your right to the collected benefits.

When reporting the incident to your employer, include the following information including when the accident happened, how you injured yourself, when you realized it was work-related and the symptoms you are experiencing.

What to Expect

You are not able to receive compensation for injury or illness in a workers’ compensation claim. There are benefits eligible workers could receive such as payments for total and partial wage loss, compensation for permanent disabilities, reasonable and necessary medical care and death benefits.

If the injury needs more than basic first aid treatment, your employer must file a report with their insurance company within seven days of your filing the claim. According to Utah law, the insurance company must either approve or deny your workers’ compensation benefits with 21 days of receiving the claim. If the claim is approved, you may start to receive disability payments, among other benefits. Typically, insurance companies deny many workers’ compensation claims. If you feel that the denial is unfair, please contact the attorney team at Robert J. DeBry and Associates.


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