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Experienced Firms vs. Freelance Attorneys

After being in an accident or legal incident, you may find yourself trying to figure out what the best way is to handle your situation. Depending on your situation, one of the options you might be contemplating is whether it would be better to hire, for example, a professional car accident lawyer from a law firm or a freelance attorney. At first, both ideas may seem to pose an equal amount of positives, however, once you really dig into it, one is definitely going to be better than the other.

Freelance Attorneys

There may be multiple benefits of hiring a freelance attorney that you can think of: the communication with only one individual is straightforward, you know the cost upfront, and they may seem more personal because they don’t have as many cases as a law firm. Principally, these are all great reasons as to why it might be nice to hire a freelance attorney over a law firm. As with all things freelance compared to professional entities, it may seem like the freelance work might be able to get the same job done, but is that always the case?

Ideally, if there were no risks, finding reliable freelance work for everything would be great, but is trusting the work of a freelancer the safest?

With legal representation, you are looking to rely on someone to help you with a very serious situation; there should be NO big risks with your case. A freelance attorney may still be able to show you their professional license, thereby validating their education, but why are they not working with a team? Doing legal freelance work is unconventional, to say the least. The question then is, do the benefits of hiring a freelance attorney outweigh the risks, or would it be better to just turn to a law firm?

Law Firms

In the legal industry, you are going to be much better off hiring professionals from a law firm. When you hire a professional from a law firm, you have the insurance of some of the guarantees that come from that firm. For example, whether it’s a personal injury lawyer, car accident lawyer, or a wrongful death lawyer, here at Robert J. DeBry and Associates, you have a six-point promise that guarantees you things like not having to pay until after your case is successfully settled. Further, a law firm gives you the combined experience of multiple legal lawyers and attorneys. This means that the team can turn to each other if one individual is facing something they never have — you don’t get that with a standalone freelance attorney. Each lawyer and attorney at a firm are proven and trusted, if they weren’t, they wouldn’t have a position at their respective organization.


One last thing that is worth mentioning, there really isn’t many legal representatives that work on their own, and if there is, most of their work comes from law firms that are outsourcing their work because of unique situations or constraints. While it may seem appropriate to hire an individual that specializes as a personal injury lawyer or wrongful death lawyer, you are better of relying on a team of experts.

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