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Driving Tips for Back-to-School Commuters


Depending on who you are and the personality you’ve developed over the years, the end of Summer can either be seen as a blessing or a tragic occurrence. For stay-at-home parents and the occasional lawyer both in Farmington, Utah and elsewhere hoping to have a bit more space in the house to more fully address their many responsibilities, the start of school means that efficiency is bound to improve.

On the other hand, students of all ages—depending on their differing levels of academic enjoyment, of course—might not have such a positive outlook on having to head back to class. Regardless of which category you fall in, school commutes—seeing as how they’re entirely unavoidable—should be handled with great care.

That’s right, while each and every auto accident that takes place near a school might not have been preventable, the vast majority of them are. Here are a few tips to make certain that school commutes run smoothly this academic year:

Fusion 360 - Driving Tips for Back-to-School Commuters (Robert J. DeBry)

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