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Driving Laws in Neighboring States

As a Utahn, you may and should be familiar with the states driving laws. However, are you familiar with the driving laws in the neighboring states? While you may not think this is important, Utahns like to travel to the neighboring states, whether it’s going on a road trip to Las Vegas or Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, it’s important to know the traffic laws in these states if you plan on traveling anywhere outside of Utah.

The reason as to why you should familiarize yourself with these driving laws is because you want to avoid getting into an accident or facing a hefty citation for breaking the law. While you can always call your car accident lawyer if you face an accident, it’s better to avoid any mishaps.

Driving Laws in Nevada

If you’re planning on visiting Fabulous Las Vegas, the driving laws are pretty similar to the ones here in Utah. For example, it’s illegal to text and drive. The first offense in seven years is subject to a 50 dollar fine, while a second offense will land you a 100 dollar fine; the third and all following offenses will cost you a hefty 250 dollars, and all fines are doubled if you’re pulled over in a work zone.

When it comes to driving under the influence, the legal limit is .08 percent blood alcohol level. Drivers may also not refuse to undergo a blood, breath or urine test as instructed by a police officer for any reason.

If for any reason you find yourself in an auto accident while visiting Nevada, contact your car accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Driving Laws in Arizona

Arizona is also strict with their no cell-phone while driving laws. If you get caught, the first-time fee is 75 dollars, 25 dollars cheaper than Nevada. A second offense results in a 100-dollar fine and a restriction on your license for 60 days. The third offense will get the driver’s license suspended for 30 days and be fined another 100-dollars.

Arizona has created stricter laws to keep drivers safe, but sadly this doesn’t always stop people from being reckless on the road. If you are involved in an auto accident in Arizona, contact a car accident lawyer at Robert J. DeBry and Associates.

Driving Laws in Wyoming

Surprisingly, Wyoming doesn’t increase the penalty for speeding in construction zones like other states do. But, like Nevada and Utah, the legal BAC limit is 0.08 percent. Driving laws in Wyoming are similar to those in Utah, with the exception of the construction zone penalty. If you’ve been involved in an accident in Wyoming, your car accident attorney at Robert J. DeBry and Associates can help you figure out how to proceed with the case.

Traveling to the neighboring states shouldn’t cause you to panic. If you take the time to look over the driving laws for the state you’re visiting, you’ll reduce the chances of you getting into an accident. Contact a car accident lawyer if you need legal assistance regarding accidents out-of-state.


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