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3 Tips for Driving In Stormy Conditions In St. George

The state of Utah prides itself on having the “Greatest Snow On Earth.” However, not every location in Utah is having to deal with drastically dropping temperatures and snow come this time of the year. For example, the southern city of St. George is generally thought of as one of Utah’s warmest places.

Though snow will soon begin to cover the Rocky Mountains of Northern Utah, the dry city of St. George—especially during this time of the year—will see more rainfall than just about anything else. So, if planning to travel along I-15 through St. George, it’s imperative that both you, your family and personal injury lawyer be prepared to handle the slick roads that often accompany heavy rainfall.

For starters, always know your route. The more familiar you are with an area, the less likely you are to find yourself in a tight spot should a great deal of rainfall come about. Worst case scenario, you need to take an alternate route to make it to your destination safely.

Secondly, communicate with others. Never embark on a lengthy road trip without other people knowing where you’re headed. While cell phones minimize the risk of being completely stranded, remote locations and poor weather often cause weak cellular connectivity. Keep others informed as to where you’re headed and, more often than not, things will work out just fine.

Lastly, should the situation call for it, simply turn around and go home. Your health and safety is simply more important. That said, should an auto accident ever occur and you’re in need of an experienced auto accident lawyer in St. George, give us a call. We’ll be glad to help.

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