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How to Drive Safely in Work Construction Zones

The fines for speeding tickets are already incredibly high; however, these fines can double in work or construction zones. Encountering road construction while driving is inevitable, whether you’re leaving a conference in Provo, Utah or headed to an important meeting with your lawyer in downtown Salt Lake. As a driver, what can you do to prevent not only being pulled over for speeding, but being involved in an auto accident in a work zone?

Slow Down and Manage Your Speed

When you see signs indicating that you’re entering a work zone, it should be second nature to immediately slow down and check for temporary speed limit signs. It might seem aggravating to be moving at a snail’s pace through a construction zone, but even entertaining the notion of speeding will serve you with a hefty fine, and could quite possibly result in an auto accident.

Who wants to call their lawyer on a Friday afternoon because they hit a construction worker on their way out of Provo? So stick to the basics: Don’t speed, and don’t resume normal speed until you’re safely out of the construction zone.

Be Aware of Your Space

The same rules that apply to safe following distances on the road apply in construction zones. Always leave room between your car and the car in front of you; a safe following distance is two seconds. In addition to a safe following distance, don’t pass on the shoulder. Passing on the shoulder creates an extremely dangerous situation for everyone involved, and can directly contribute to an auto accident. Here’s the bottom line: By using safe following distances and common sense, you can avoid a call to your lawyer.

Don’t Stress

Sure, it’s inconvenient to encounter a construction zone when you’re already running late; however, resisting the urge to stress out — and consequently speed or become distracted — is key to keeping your cool on the road. We get it; being stuck in a construction zone on your way from Provo to Salt Lake City is a huge downer. Keep your cool, slow down and don’t stress and you’ll be out of that work zone before you know it.

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