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Common Car Accident Injuries That go Unnoticed

Let’s say you are driving downtown in Salt Lake City, when all of the sudden you get hit by another car. You have just experienced a car accident. After being in a car accident, check yourself for any injuries and call your lawyer.

Car accidents can bring many different types of injuries to those in the vehicle. Though there are many common injuries that occur, a few of them go unnoticed.

Muscle Injuries

Two main things will happen during a car accident. The first thing is the collision between the vehicles, followed by the jolting of those who are in the vehicle. As your body is being jolted you can experience a concussion, broken bone or a soft tissue injury. Soft tissues such as muscles and tendons, tend to be overlooked, especially when a doctor examines you after the accident. Keep record of any soft tissue injury you may face, that way your lawyer has a stronger case if you decide to go to court.


Whiplash is defined as an “injury resulting from a sudden sharp whipping movement of the neck and head.” If you face an accident where a car rear ends the back of your car, you may notice your head going forwards and backwards really fast, this may cause pain in the neck and head. After your accident if you experience any major pain from whiplash, contact your doctor immediately. Your whiplash could actually be a more serious spinal injury.


If during a car accident you experience whiplash, don’t just shrug off the pain. A headache occurring after whiplash may be the warning of a serious injury. Head injuries such as concussions and blood clots in the brain may be a result from whiplash. Make sure to tell your lawyer if you accident caused any head injuries, minor or serious.

When involved in a car crash, it’s important to have a full examination, that way no injuries go unnoticed.

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