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Is My Child’s School Responsible for His/Her Injuries?

Every morning as you watch that little pair of red rubber boots cross the street with the help of a crossing guard, you know that you’re sending your child off in good hands. You trust that the administration of your child’s Provo, Utah elementary school will do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

Unfortunately, more than 14 million injuries happen to children each year across our country. One in four of those injuries happen on or around school property. If your child is injured, do you need a personal injury lawyer? Does her injury even qualify under the circumstances that they happened? These are the finer details that many parents aren’t familiar with.

Negligence or Not?

The first question to ask before taking on any case is, did this personal injury happen due to someone else’s negligence? The most common forms of liability issues that schools experience are related to children falling from playground equipment due to lack of supervision; injuries due to bullying that an adult didn’t halt; unsanitary conditions; and even your traditional slip and fall.

Schools are obligated to provide shelter, food, transportation and a safe environment. It’s similar to the care a parent would provide. If you found that your student was hurt because of negligence, it’s time to contact an attorney.

Before the Lawsuit

Before beginning the process of a lawsuit, take care of your child. Seek out complete medical treatment for your daughter’s injuries to prevent pain in the future. Gather all bills and medical reports you can get your hands on in order to build your case.

As you and your attorney build the personal injury case, you’ll need to look into the procedures and policies of your school district. There are ways to recover financial damages, so long as you have someone to walk you through the complicated process.

When it comes to your child’s well-being, remember that it never hurts to ask. Our team of attorneys will provide a free consultation to help you determine a plan of action.


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