Commercial trucks such as semis and 18-wheelers are much larger and heavier than other passenger vehicles. Because of the difference in size, a collision between a truck and a car—even at low speeds—can have devastating consequences for everyone involved. In fact, truck accidents often result in broken bones, long-term disabilities, and death.

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Truck Accident Causes

Big trucks are complex machines that often carry up to 80,000 pounds of goods, equipment, or other cargo at a time. That means even minor mistakes or manufacturing defects can cause serious accidents. Common causes of truck accidents include:

  • Poor maintenance
    Trucks are on the road for hundreds or thousands of miles at a time and require frequent maintenance. Trucking companies or drivers who neglect to maintain their trucks may be considered negligent if an accident occurs as a result of poor maintenance.
  • Driver intoxication and fatigue
    If a truck driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, sleep-deprived, or violating maximum daily driving limits, he or she could cause a serious accident. If that happens, the trucking company or driver could be held responsible for any injuries.
  • Excess cargo weight
    All semi-trucks are designed to carry certain amounts of weight. If that limit is exceeded, the truck may become difficult or impossible to stop, which could cause it to strike other vehicles. It’s the trucking company and manufacturer’s responsibility to make sure these limits aren’t exceeded.

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