Dog bites and attacks can cause serious injuries and complications, such as severe bleeding, infection, nerve damage, and even death. Many dog bite victims—especially children—suffer from mental and emotional stress.

If you or your child was bitten by a dog, Robert J. DeBry & Associates wants to help you. You have expensive medical bills to pay, and our Salt Lake City dog bite lawyers will do everything we can to get you the compensation you deserve for your injury-related expenses. Contact us right now at (801) 699-9999.

We Know Dog Bite Laws

After a dog bite, you might be confused and unsure about what to do next. You should call Robert J. DeBry. Our Utah dog bite lawyers can help you by:

  • Investigating the dog and its owner
    We can determine if the dog that attacked you has bitten anyone else or shown aggressive behavior—which may mean the owner was negligent.
  • Calculating your bite-related expenses
    The costs resulting from a dog bite go beyond your initial medical bills. We’ll help you determine costs of future medical treatments, missed days at work, and temporary or permanent disability.
  • Negotiating with the insurance company
    The insurance company may offer you a low settlement for your dog bite, but it’s usually not enough to pay for your expenses. We can negotiate with the insurance company to help you get the maximum settlement.

Don’t take on your dog bite claim alone. Let our legal team handle all of the paperwork and negotiation while you focus on getting better.

Get Robert J. DeBry on Your Side

Our dog bite lawyers have years of experience and a support staff of more than 50 legal professionals who can answer your questions and help build a strong case for you. We’ve helped many people in Utah move forward with their lives after dog bites, and we can help you, too. Call us today.