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Tips for Driving in the Snow

The Wasatch front can be breathtakingly beautiful in the winter, but it can also be dangerous. Our Utah car accident lawyers are all too familiar with the challenging driving conditions that we all face during this time of year and we want you to arrive safely home for the holidays. Here are a few quick tips for driving in the snow:

Slow Down

The snow makes for significantly lower traction. In order avoid sliding and skidding across the road, decrease your speed. The time that you want to save isn’t worth the lasting havoc that a winter accident can cause.

Keep Your Distance

The winter weather affects the brake performance. Be sure to give yourself more space in between fellow drivers in case you or they suddenly need to stop. Car accident lawyers will tell you that the more time you can give yourself to react ahead of time, the less likely you are to find yourself shivering on the side of the road.

Be Prepared

Car accident lawyers can stress this principle enough, especially when it comes to longer road trips. Make sure your car is up for the drive and that you have an emergency preparedness kit. It’s never fun to have your car break down on the side of the road, and its even less so in the dead of winter.

Watch for Hills

Driving uphill is challenging task when roads are icy. It’s important that you don’t try to power up a hill and that, by the same token, you don’t stop halfway up. If you see a hill coming up on the horizon, build up a little momentum before you get there. That way, you can get your car up and over with more ease.

Generally, when you’re driving in the winter just be sure to stay prepared and alert. This you can help ensure that you get over the river and through the woods all in one piece. However, even the safest drivers can become victims to the recklessness of others. If you or a loved on has become a victim to someone else’s negligent driving, the car accident lawyers at Robert J. Debry are here to help. Contact us today for a free consultation and start now to begin piecing life back together.

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