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How to Drive Safely in Heavy Rain

Rain showers have been in the forecast as of late, and with this comes an increased number of auto accidents. It is crucial to practice safe driving techniques at all times, but this is especially true when you’re dealing with heavy rainstorms. Heavy rainfall yields slick road conditions with little to no visibility. Car accident lawyers will tell you that this type of situation requires drivers to adapt and take the necessary precautions to avoid causing an accident. Here are some tips on how to safely navigate rainstorms this spring.

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Drive at a Safe Speed

While you don’t have to drive at 5 miles per hour, you should reduce your speed to something reasonably safe. Most car accident lawyers will tell you that reducing your speed by 10 to 15 MPH can greatly reduce your chances of hydroplaning and will help you come to a safer complete stop at traffic lights and intersections.

Brake Earlier

In a rainstorm, you’re going to have less stopping distance due to slick road conditions. In these instances, it’s important to begin braking earlier so that you can come to a complete stop safely. This also helps the driver behind you know that they should begin braking so that you can avoid a rear-end collision.

Pull Over If Your Vision is Adversely Affected

If you find that you can’t see at all while driving in extreme rainfall, the safest thing you can do is pull over and wait for the rain to subdue. When doing so, make sure that you turn on your hazard lights so that you’re still visible to other drivers.

Don’t Drive Directly Through Puddles

It’s often hard to see just how deep a puddle really is, so it’s best to avoid driving through them. Car accident lawyers warn against this because you could do serious damage to your vehicle, and others if you cause an accident. Damages include popped tires, frame damages and electrical damages caused by copious amounts of water.

Harsh weather conditions can lead to some of the more serious accidents car accident lawyers see, but by practicing these safety precautions, you can reduce the chances of being involved in a serious auto collision.

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