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History of the Seatbelt

Today seatbelts are part of our everyday life. We may even take them for granted. However, they didn’t always exist in the way that we know them today. A lot has gone into the development of seatbelts to make them as safe as they are today.

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As car accident lawyers, we often stress the importance of seatbelts for safety. However, that wasn’t always their main purpose. In 1930s people began installing their own version of seatbelts in order to reduce the bouncing. Physicians began putting lap belts inside their own cars and were the ones that urged auto manufacturers to provide them in vehicles to begin with.


The first factory for vehicles with seatbelts was built, putting many more cars with seatbelts on the road. Retractable seat belts were also introduced by Dr. C. Hunter Shelden, a neurologist. He wanted to prevent people from suffering from auto-accident head trauma. In 1958, Nils Bohlin patented the first 3-point safety belt.


Our team of car accident lawyers see firsthand how important seat belts are to the safety of drivers and passengers. Yet, regulations for seatbelts didn’t happen until the mid ‘60s with creation of the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Administration. The first seat belt law was put into motion in 1968, which required manufacturers to build seat belts into vehicles.


In the following years, most of the states in the U.S. began to establish their own seatbelt laws, making them mandatory for drivers. In 1984, New York was the first to establish this law. New Hampshire remains the only state that does not mandate drivers to wear seat belts.

Our team of car accident lawyers and personal injury attorneys at Robert J. Debry and Associates want you and your family to stay safe on the road. Those that came before us recognized then need for a safer drive and so should we. Always remember to buckle up!

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