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Filing a Defective Equipment Injury Case

Depending on your occupation, every day might present some form of threat to your health and wellbeing. Even if you think your job isn’t very dangerous, personal injuries can still happen. In many cases, safety measures protect employees. However, in cases where negligence leads to an injury, it’s important for you to file a case. Our personal injury and car accident lawyers know that in any type of injury the compensation can help with your recovery and the case can help make the workplace a safer place.

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Malfunctioning equipment can be extremely dangerous. Injuries can span from anything from amputations to traumatic brain injuries. If your injury was caused from the following, consider contacting our firm of personal injury and car accident lawyers:

  • Insufficient Training
  • Inaccurate instruction manuals
  • Old, missing, or broken parts
  • Defects in manufacturing or design
  • Not enough maintenance
  • Defects in product marketing


An important part of filing any sort of case is timing. Make sure that if you’re going to file a faulty equipment injury lawsuit that you are prompt so that you don’t miss compensation deadlines. In Utah, the statue of limitations for a faulty product injury case is two years from the date you discover your injury and its cause.

If you are looking for an attorney for your defective equipment injury case, you can trust Robert J. Debry and Associates. Our team of personal injury and car accident lawyers know Utah law and we also know the trauma and grief that can come from these types of accidents. Contact us today to get the compensation you deserve.

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