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Car Accident FAQs

Why Should I See an Attorney or Car Accident Lawyer?

After being in an accident, you might find yourself in a situation in which you need to repair your vehicle, go to the hospital and miss a few days or weeks of work. Depending on the situation, the coverage you receive for each scenario may vary. Insurance companies and other parties often try to do whatever they can to pay you the least amount of money as possible. In order to combat the complex language of law that they will inevitably use, a car accident lawyer is well-versed in legal discussions and will give you the support you need in making negotiations. In the end, a car accident lawyer will assist you with the paperwork and getting the compensation you have right to.

What are Common Car Accident Mistakes?

Some of the most common mistakes that you could make after being in an accident include not calling the police, not taking notes or pictures of anything that will stand as evidence towards what happened, not taking care of your injuries and car repair immediately, not listening to the counsel of your doctor, being careless about what you say to others who ask about your accident (anything can be used against you), and not consulting a car accident lawyer if you are unsure about the coverage you are being offered.

What is the Value of My Car Accident Case?

The value of your case truly depends on whether you are at fault for the accident and how much fault you are charged with. In Utah specifically, you will be compensated for the amount that you are not guilty of. With everything going in your favor, or simply with a car accident lawyer, you should be covered for your car repair, medical bills, and any lost wages from missing your work. As you might be able to figure, the total value differs based on the scenario. 

How Long Does a Car Accident Claim Take?

Similar to the value of a case, the time it takes depends on the factors involved. A case will last as long as the value and liabilities are being figured—this either will be solved by yourself or by the work of a team. A case with an unambiguous liability and a definite estimated cost will only take a few weeks. If the situation is more complex, it can take several months to resolve. 

What Claims Can I Make?

The claim you make after being in an accident hinges on what injuries or damages you receive. If you are not the at-fault driver, you can claim coverage for hospital visits, physical therapy sessions, lost wages while being away from work, repair for your vehicle and anything else that causes you a temporarily impaired way of living. To know what is best for your specific case, a car accident lawyer can navigate you throughout the process.

What Injuries can I be Compensated For?

In Utah, no matter what injury you sustain, if you are less than 50 percent at fault, then you can receive partial to full coverage for any medical bills you receive. To learn more, see our blog about car accident compensation.

Can I be Compensated for Lost Wages?

Yes, you can but like most car accident cases, it is contingent on a variety of other factors. If your insurance policy includes something like, “Exclusion of Work Loss,” then you will not receive coverage. To be sure, check with a car accident lawyer to figure out if the at-fault party’s insurance company will cover for your lost wages. To learn more, see our blog about car accident compensation.

Will I Receive Diminished Value Compensation?

It is likely that will be able to receive compensation but it depends on your cases. There are three types of diminished value: immediate, inherent and repair-related compensation; you can receive compensation for any of these three types. To learn more, see our blog about car accident compensation.

Who Pays My Car Accident Related Medical Bills? 

The way coverage works for medical bills following an accident is no matter who is at fault for the accident, because Utah is a no-fault state and has the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) policy in place, insurance companies are required to cover up to $3,000 for any needed medical attention. If the bills go beyond the $3,000, then the at-fault party’s insurance will need to cover any additional charges. If there is any friction, a car accident lawyer can step in for you and help make a claim in your behalf.

What are the Car Accident Claim Time Limits?

If you are unable to reach a settlement with your insurance company or the third-party insurance company, you have three years from the date of the accident to recover any property damage and four years for any personal injury (Utah Code Section 78B-2-305 and Section 78B-2-307).

Should I be Talking to the At-Fault Driver’s Insurance Company?

Communicating with the third-party insurance company by yourself is risky. What you must understand is that while it seems like the insurance company is simply trying to resolve the case, the information you give them might stand against you in your legal claim. They are not necessarily doing this for you but because they have to—if they have any opportunity to decrease the amount they have to cover, they will. It is safest to allow a car accident lawyer to do the talking.

What If the At-Fault Driver Does Not Have Insurance?

The most reliable way to make sure you are covered when you are in a wreck with an individual without insurance is having an insurance plan that includes uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. If that policy is included in your plan then you should not have many problems. The alternative is filing a lawsuit against the other driver. To be safe, after the accident, talk with the police on the scene to determine whether or not the other driver is insured.

Should I Accept the First Settlement Offer?

Once you receive a settlement offer from the third-party insurance company, you will want to make sure that you are getting the right amount to cover all of your assets and damages. if you are unsure about the offer, remember that insurance companies want to spend the least amount possible, especially if you are not their client. Even if the amount feels right, it is wise to consult with a car accident lawyer before accepting the offer.

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