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Can You Run Red Lights As A Motorcyclist?

Yes, It’s legal to run red lights as a motorcyclist. Many U.S states, including Idaho, have passed a law to allow motorists to pass red lights. This is a situation that riders face from time to time. No matter how prepared they are, they still get stuck at red lights, which may take time to change. This often occurs because traffic sensors do not detect the presence of a motorist.

Many people have sustained injuries because of taking red light risks, but riders can now run safely without legal repercussions. However, accidents are sometimes inevitable, which is why at Robert J. DeBry & Associates, we have an experienced car accident lawyer assisting numerous clients to recover loses and damages caused.

When to Run Red Lights On A Motorcycle

Before running red lights on a motorcycle, there are numerous things to try. Ensure the bike is well positioned to induction wires as much as possible. You can stop right on the top main loop. When cars are behind you, try to get them to move forward safely to trigger traffic light sensors; if you’re alone at a long red light, it’s not necessary to wait in some states. Utah has laws in place for cyclists to run red lights if it refuses to change. However, motorcyclists can’t run red lights in Utah.

Utah State Red Lights Crashes

In 2020, there were 928 people killed in accidents caused by red lights running, according to IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety). Because of the risks involved with running red lights, most agencies and cities have implemented measures to curb these accidents. According to reports, installing red light cameras minimized red light runners by almost 21%. But still, accidents happen in Utah and the U.S daily.

When a motorcyclist or someone gets injured, they are more likely to sustain damage. Such damages include emotional pain, medical bills, time off work, and suffering. Though it may be difficult and long for a recovery process, it becomes difficult for the victims.

Most victims can regain lost compensation through a qualified Utah car accident lawyer. Robert J. DeBry & Associates has been helping the residents of Utah for over 250 years. We have assisted victims in settling millions of dollars and can help you too. Get in touch with our car accident lawyer.

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