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Birth Injury Claims and Medical Malpractice: an Overview

Having a baby is one of the most rewarding experiences of human life. After nine months of growth and care, a new life is brought into the world. Normally this experience is one of blessed joy; however, what happens when something goes wrong?

From Provo, Utah to the East Coast, birth injuries due to negligence are some of the most common drivers of medical malpractice lawsuits. If something happens to you or your unborn baby as a result of your doctor’s negligence, your doctor could be held liable for injuries or even wrongful death. If you suspect a birth injury could have otherwise been avoided, contact your local personal injury lawyer to see if you are eligible for compensation.

Birth injuries can affect either the mother or the unborn or newborn child. Common birth injuries include cerebral palsy, cranial and spinal cord injuries, fractures and bone injuries, infant brain damage, cephalohematoma and Erb’s Palsy. These injuries, while not uncommon in Provo or elsewhere, can typically be avoided through proper medical supervision. For example, cephalohematoma can be avoided by following proper vacuum extraction procedure. Bone fractures and physical deformities can also be prevented by avoiding excessive use of force during delivery.

In the case of many birth injuries, a doctor’s actions — or lack thereof — can be found directly responsible for you or your child’s injuries. For instance, in the case of infant wrongful death due to umbilical cord strangulation, the medical staff could have executed an emergency C-section in order to save the baby. In the eyes of a lawyer, failure to do so may result in liability for the child’s wrongful death.

In addition to being physically and emotionally draining, fetal injury and wrongful death cases are often difficult to prosecute. If you suspect that an injury sustained during childbirth could have reasonably been avoided, contact a local Provo-area medical malpractice lawyer and discuss the best course of action for your situation.

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