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Avoiding a Motorcycle Accident

Whether it’s along the streets of Ogden, Utah or anywhere else in the country the tips to avoiding an auto accident on your motorcycle are the same. If you want to avoid serious injury and a call to an attorney, then it is important to drive safely on your motorcycle. So, stay aware, stay sober, follow speed limits, wear safety items and maintain your motorcycle.

Stay Aware

Stay aware of the things around you as you ride. Unfortunately, you will usually not be the only one on the road so making sure that you are aware of those who are around you is important. Check to see how close another car is to you and that you have been seen. Many auto accidents involving motorcycles occur because a car is unaware. If this has happened to you, try calling your attorney for more details.

Stay Sober

This should go without saying, as you have probably heard this often, don’t get on your bike if you have been drinking. Not only should you not get behind a wheel, but you should definitely not try riding a motorcycle while under the influence. Call an Uber or a friend and stay safe.

Follow Speed Limits

You might think it is fun to try to push the speed limits and make fast turns on your motorcycle, however, this is very dangerous. By not obeying speed limits, you are putting yourself and others at a higher risk for an auto accident. It can be harder to justify hiring an attorney for damages when the cause of your accident was disobeying speed limits.

Wear Safety Gear

Put on a helmet. A helmet will help to prevent serious injury to your head. Wear long sleeves or a leather jacket and jeans in order to protect yourself from road burns. Also, wear shoes with good traction to help you to stay on your bike. Safety gear might seem like a hassle, but it is definitely worth it. Do what you can to avoid an attorney and an auto accident as these will definitely be more inconvenient than wearing your safety gear.

Maintain Motorcycle

Just like any vehicle, if a motorcycle is not properly maintained it runs the risk of becoming a danger in and of itself. So, get the regular maintenance checks and if something doesn’t’ seem to be functioning properly get it checked as soon as possible.


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