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LImits to Your Claim

Filing a claim after a car accident is apart of the whole process. A claim is what will grant you a reimbursement from the accident; your insurance will pay for the damages. When making a claim, car accident lawyer can be extremely beneficial to you as figuring out the costs and liabilities with insurances companies can be quite challenging.  

There are a lot of questions associated with car accident claims, such as: How much money can I get? Can I make a claim a few years after the accident? And, are there limits to making a claim? 

To answer the first question, no, you can’t just claim excessive amounts of money after an accident. In fact, there are insurance companies try to make a limit on their coverage. For example, one insurance company might give you a per claim limit of  $25,000. If your accident exceeds their maximum, hiring a car accident lawyer will help you make sure there isn’t a cap that tops off before you receive all that you deserve.

Who is at fault will also create limitations to how much you can receive in your claim. In a lot of states, if you are found responsible for say 20% of the accident, 20% of your money will be deducted. That is to say, if your insurance was going to give you $10,000, they would now give you $8,000. If you are responsible for 50% or more of the accident, you are more than likely to not get any compensation from your insurance. This is one reason it is super important to contact a car accident lawyer before accepting any blame for the accident. 

When it comes to time limits, you can make a personal injury claim up to two years after the accident (however, the amount depends on the state you live in). In addition to this general law, individuals can also make a personal injury claim three years after realizing you have sustained an injury from the accident. If you are unsure, a car accident lawyer can explain and argue your case and help you fill out your claim. If you file late, even just by a few days, the court will often reject your claim. 

It is important to be time sensitive. Yes, you have time but you don’t want to risk it. The time constraint is mostly to help people account for all of the side-effects that come as a result of an accident. Injuries or total damages may not be known for a while, so it can be wise to wait for a little, but again, be time sensitive. Filing a claim is sometimes complicated, that is why hiring a car accident lawyer is a good idea.—they will help you decide how to handle the situation and will present you with the best opportunity to get your money back.

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