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Hands Free Car Systems— Everything You Need to Know

Safe driving is something we all want—and a way to make that goal more attainable and to reduce car accidents, you can invest in a Hands Free Car System. Some cars come with them, or you can purchase one to install in your car.

There’s a lot out there, so we’ve come up with some of the best options to help you decide what works for you.

But first, what is a hands free system? Too often, auto accidents in Utah are caused by distracted driving. Beyond texting, talking on the phone, changing music, or typing in addresses to GPS systems are all examples of distracted driving. Hands free systems try to mitigate this by reducing anything that requires hands to leave the steering wheel.

Most hands free systems can do all of the following:

  • Make calls. Through the Bluetooth connected to your phone, you can use voice commands to dial someone or pick up a call.
  • Change music. Skip songs, change your playlist, and enjoy streaming all your music and podcasts while you’re stuck in traffic—without having to look at your phone.
  • Activate GPS! How did anyone get anywhere before GPS? Use voice commands to ask Siri to direct you to the nearest grocery store, and your bluetooth system will tell you where to go through your stereo.

There’s no better way to prevent personal injury from a car accident than never moving your hands from your steering wheel. Sounds cool, right? What’s cooler is these systems are pretty common, and relatively inexpensive, too.

So does your car have this system already? Though there are more than just the ones on this list, these cars usually have a Bluetooth hands free system already built in. Check your car’s manual for more information.

FORD: Ford (or Mercury) cars capable of Bluetooth will have a Microsoft System called SYNC. It’s easy to set up—just press the Sync button on your stereo, turn on Bluetooth on your phone, and follow the instructions (while in park!)

CHRYSLER: Chrysler uses a system called UConnect, and completely hands-free connects to your phone. This system also works with satellite radio like Sirius.

ACURA: This system is called Handsfreelink, and the system is controlled by buttons on the steering wheel and voice recognition.

TOYOTA: Navigation systems in Toyota vehicles often include Bluetooth—and almost all phones are compatible!

What if your car doesn’t have a hands free system already? We found two other options, both available on Amazon, Under $50, and work with most cars!

BELKIN: The Belkin Hands Free CarAudio Connect system mounts to your dashboard, connects to your stereo with an aux chord, and uses Bluetooth with your phone.

GOGroove: The GOgroove FlexSMART X2 System connects through an FM transmitter, and allows you to hands-free stream music from your phone and transition from that to calls.

So do your part to lessen distracted driving accidents. Get a hands free system for your car, and if anything happens, remember to contact a personal injury attorney and make sure you’re protected. Share this article with someone you think could use hands free calling in their vehicle!

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