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5 Safety Tips for Truck Drivers

Are you a professional truck driver? Operating a tractor trailer requires skill, common sense and a great deal of patience, especially when other drivers don’t know proper etiquette for driving in front of or behind you. You are responsible not only for your safety, but for the safety of others. The best way to avoid accidents is to follow some basic safety rules.

Every year, thousands of tractor trailers are involved in auto accidents which often lead to serious injury and even death. Any auto accident attorney who has dealt with tractor trailer accidents before will encourage truck drivers to employ several safety tips. Here are some of them.

Be Alert
You should always be aware of who is driving in front of you, beside you and behind you. Be aware of everything that is going on around you and plan accordingly. Also, be sure to look around you and find an escape route if necessary.

Avoid Traffic
Plan ahead by checking traffic reports, that way you can avoid heavy traffic and potential delays. The more traffic there is, the more likely you are to get into an accident. Many auto accident attorneys have gotten calls about accidents during rush hour.

Check Weather Reports
Always check the weather conditions and be on the lookout for changing temperatures so that you can anticipate road conditions.

Be Cautious at Night
You may not be able to avoid driving at night, but you can avoid getting into an accident. Drivers are much more likely to get into an accident and drive into ditches or rear end another trailer at night. Avoid this by staying alert and driving more slowly at night.

Avoid Changing Lanes
Nearly every auto accident attorney has dealt with a case involving a tractor trailer and another vehicle because the vehicle was driving in the trailer’s blind spot. Other drivers often don’t know what they should and shouldn’t do when driving near trailers and many drivers will try to move around you. Do your best to stay put. Check your blind spots and mirrors frequently and always take the second lane from the right when exiting the freeway so that you can avoid merging.
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