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The 5 Biggest Road Hazards for Motorcyclists

When you’re driving around in an imposing truck or SUV, you might feel as stout and sturdy as though you were riding a German tanker into the front lines of WWII. In comparison, riding a motorcycle is more like going into a battle armed with nothing but a machete — you’re small and vulnerable, and just about anything around you is a potential hazard.

Riding a motorcycle requires a certain amount of vigilance in order to maneuver around multitudes of hazards on a daily basis. In the interest of avoiding a nasty motorcycle accident and a call to your lawyer, here are the five biggest road hazards all motorcyclists need to be aware of.

Gravel, Sand & Other Debris 

Road debris is one of the most common road hazards a motorcyclist can encounter, whether you’re riding through the hills in Provo, Utah or on a flat thoroughfare. Any one of these different road conditions can seriously compromise your bike’s stability and increase your chances of getting into a motorcycle accident.

When sand or gravel threatens to throw off your traction, slow down and ride through the patch carefully, maintaining a straight course and using only the back brake if possible. Hit one of these patches while cornering on a windy road in Provo, however, and you’ll find yourself kissing the pavement in no time.

Slick Surfaces

After gravel and sand, oily or slick surfaces are the next biggest road hazard for a motorcyclist. Hitting an oil slick in a corner will have you meeting the pavement before you can blink, and taking the bike out after a rare rainstorm can have you skidding all over the road. Avoid a potential motorcycle accident and a call to your lawyer and wait to take the bike out until a few hours after a rainstorm, and keep an eye out for oily patches.

In the fall, the streets of heavily wooded areas such as Provo can accrue a large quantity of leaves. Leaves are not great for traction to begin with; throw some rain into the mix and you have a potentially deadly combination. Be careful around leaves, and avoid that call to your lawyer when you run your bike into somebody’s fence later.

Uneven Surfaces

While your average motorist can take on uneven surfaces like it’s nobody’s business, motorcyclists have to be more careful. A construction site outside Provo or a few unforeseen potholes in Salt Lake City can spell disaster if you’re not careful, leading to an awkward call to your lawyer.

If highway lanes are uneven, stay in your lane until they even out. Look out for divets in the road caused by a large truck or tanker; your wheels can catch in these and cause you to lose control or get into a motorcycle accident. If you come across a mile-wide pothole, swerve to avoid it if possible; if you can’t avoid it, slow down as much as possible and try to keep the bike straight.

Wildlife With a Death Wish 

To anyone in a car, hitting a wayward rabbit or a kamikaze squirrel is no big deal. For a motorcyclist, however, hitting even a small animal can throw you off course or off balance. That’s not to mention larger animals such as deer or moose — get into a motorcycle accident with one of those and you’d be lucky to walk away with your life.

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about wild animals except to keep a keen eye out for them — or exercise caution when you’re riding through Provo during hunting season. You don’t want to have to call your lawyer because you hit another driver while swerving to avoid a suicidal squirrel, so stay alert.

Other Drivers

Of course, the single biggest hazard for motorcyclists is simply everyone else on the road. Motorists are notorious for not seeing motorcycles, and far too many people seem to get a kick out of pulling out into oncoming traffic in Provo without properly looking first. If you get into a motorcycle accident due to the fault of another driver, your lawyer can help you win the compensation you deserve. However, to avoid the situation entirely, stay on your toes and try to predict the actions of other motorists to the best of your ability.

A motorcycle accident is no laughing matter. If you or someone you know has been involved in an accident, contact your local personal injury lawyer in Provo as soon as possible.

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