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3M Earplugs Recall – Contact RJD & Associates today!

Whether you are wearing earplugs for medical reasons or as a safety intervention at your workplace, they should provide you the ultimate protection and be as comfortable as possible. But when it is too short for proper insertion into your ears, then that becomes a problem. People wearing 3M earplugs are making personal injury claims. The earplugs had to be recalled by the FDA. If you face such a situation, then a personal injury lawyer will be the best person to handle such a case.

Why were the 3M earplugs recalled?

When an earplug is too short for penetration into your ears, they will start to loosen until they fail to cancel any noise. It is a design defect that can impair or cause you to lose your hearing ability. When the 3M earplug manufacturing company fails to adhere to safety guidelines under the False Claims Act, you have every right to file a claim. Don’t wait until your ears get completely damaged to file a lawsuit. You need a personal injury lawyer to hold your hand in the search for justice.

When to consult a personal injury lawyer

When it comes to handling personal injury cases, getting the best person for the job can be daunting. You need a professional that can diagnose, offer an expert opinion, and ensure you get the justice you need. So whether you are involved in an accident that led to your injury or wore defective earplugs, Robert J. DeBry & Associates will be at your service.

Throughout our 250-year practice in the legal industry, we have helped countless victims like you get the settlement they deserve. Our team of professionals is knowledgeable in this area, but it is also efficient in the way it delivers its services. We value your wellbeing as well as our reputation. That is why we will negotiate for a reasonable settlement from the defective earplug company. We will also help you sue the manufacturer for negligence to fund your treatment and for other damages. Call us today, and we will find a representative to help you with your case.

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