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Wrongful Death Series: Joachim Kroll

Every family member who loses their kin to bizarre circumstances wishes that their loved ones obtain justice, even after they are long gone. It is imperative to have the best team behind you in a wrongful death case. Robert J. DeBry and Associates boast an unbeatable team of wrongful death lawyers. We have won some challenging cases, including the largest wrongful death verdict in New Mexico.

At Robert J. DeBry and Associates, we like to watch the latest cases around the globe and reference some controversial and unforgettable historical cases, such as the Joachim Kroll case.

Who Was Joachim Kroll?

Joachim Kroll alias Ruhr Cannibal or ‘The Man-eater’ was born on April 17, 1933 in Upper Silesia. He was the sixth child of miner Hindenburg. Kroll is famous for his numerous counts of murder, cannibalism, necrophilism, and child molestation. Psychiatrists can trace his unusual tendencies to his childhood. He was frequently shamed for bedwetting and abusing animals.

Joachim began killing women in northern Germany after his mother’s death in 1955. Over the years, he stuck to the same method, killing via strangulation. He would target women strolling in the countryside alone and strangle them with their clothes. Then he would rape, dismember, and eat the corpse.

Joachim Arrest, Sentence, And Death.

The Ruhr Cannibal was lucky to roam free for so long as he rarely committed the crimes in the same place consecutively. He occasionally slaughtered in the same place several years apart. Additionally, such killings were quite prevalent in Germany at the time. That made it harder for him to get caught.

Kroll’s arrest began with a muted response,” guts,” to his neighbor when he asked the cause of the frequent blocking of his waste pipe. The neighbor reported it to a policeman, and in no time, they found the body of Marion Ketter- a four-year-old girl who was missing then. The policeman found Kroll cooking a small hand he had dismembered from the corpse and some parts stored in his refrigerator.

Later, Kroll admitted to 14 counts of murder, although he may have killed more than 30 people. In his defense, he defended his cannibalism and claimed that it was his way of saving on grocery bills. After a lengthy trial, Joachim Kroll was convicted on all counts and sentenced to life imprisonment in April 1982. However, he succumbed to a heart attack in 1991 while in Rheinbach Prison.

As in the case of Joachim Kroll’s victims, many deaths go on for years, not being held accountable. At Robert J. DeBry and Associates, we strive to give you get you the answers while ensuring you get the much-deserved compensation for wrongful deaths. If you are in search of a wrongful death lawyer in Utah, contact us today. 

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