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Wrongful Death Serial Series: Terry Rasmussen

Terry Peder Rasmussen is a scary household name for Americans between 1943 and 2010. He is a renowned serial killer who murdered around six people across America and was a nightmare to the best wrongful death lawyers in the United States. If you need help with a wrongful death case, contact Robert J. DeBry & Associates

Who Was Terry Rasmussen?

Terry had the nickname “The Chameleon Killer” owing to the many aliases that made him avoid detection until he died in prison in 2010. He is famously known for the Bear Brook murders, also called the Allenstown Four, in 1978. The victims were an American family that detectives linked to Terry Rasmussen. After the 1978’s thanksgiving, Marlyse Elizabeth, Rasmussen’s girlfriend, left her home with her daughters, Elizabeth Vaughn and Sarah Lynn, after an argument with her family. That was the last that the family ever saw of the trio. Detectives later resolved their mysterious disappearance seven years later in November 1985. They found the bodies of Marlyse and Vaughn in a barrel at Bear Brook State Park. Detectives found another barrel containing the body of Sarah and another unidentified body around a hundred meters away. After a DNA profiling, the detectives identified the fourth victim as Rasmussen’s biological child. The Allenstown Four’s story is spine-chilling and paints Rasmussen as a ruthless killer. Reports indicated that the four died from blunt force trauma on their heads.

Thanksgiving In 1981

In 1981, while using the nickname Bob Evans, Terry Rasmussen killed his then-girlfriend Denise Beaudin. Denise and her six-month-old daughter disappeared mysteriously in Manchester after thanksgiving. Wrongful death lawyers believed Peter Rasmussen killed his girlfriend somewhere in California and vanished with the baby. Rasmussen hid Denise’s body, and the wrongful death lawyers never found evidence that tied the murder to him. Rasmussen’s story is quite scary, and his strategy is quite mysterious to homicide lawyers.

More Girlfriends

After eighteen years, Rasmussen resurfaced again with another murder case. He started dating Eunsoon Jun, a Californian chemist, in 1999 and married her in 2001. Rasmussen’s killer instincts never left him, and in 2002, he killed Jun and buried her body in cat litter. Detectives said she died from an injury with a blunt object on her head, Rasmussen’s favorite tool. He dismembered Jun’s body, and during the court hearing, he pleaded guilty to the murder. Connect with Robert J. DeBry & Associates for help with wrongful death cases.

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