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Why you Should Hire an Attorney if You’ve Used Roundup Weed Killer

Why should you hire a personal injury attorney if you’ve used roundup weed Killer?

Roundup by Monsanto, the most commonly used weed killer globally, has been found to cause cancer. 

Users battling cancer are filing lawsuits against the manufacturer, claiming that the weed killer made them contract non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Despite the company’s significant losses in the courts, it maintains that the active ingredient in the weed killer, glyphosate, cannot cause cancer in humans.

A Personal Injury Attorney can help argue your case if you fall victim after using this product.

Leading quality bodies tested the safety of Roundup. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), affiliates of the World Health Organization (WHO), argues that glyphosate is “most likely carcinogenic.” This conclusion bases itself on a test carried out on the product, which showed glyphosate to damage DNA and chromosomes in human cells.

Gardeners and other agricultural laborers have filed numerous lawsuits against Monsanto in federal and state courts. Three have gone to trial, and juries have returned $289 million, $80 million, and $2 billion against the company.

You, too, can become a successful litigant by hiring an experienced personal injury attorney to argue your case before the jury.

The troubling chemical in Roundup

Glyphosate is on almost all farms that grow corn, soybeans, and cotton in the United States.

You could also be using the weed killer on your lawn. Due to the increase in glyphosate use, it is almost impossible for people to avoid the product even if you do not directly handle Roundup. Traces of the harmful chemical are in wine, oatmeal, and baby food.

Even if you have tried to minimize your rate of exposure to Roundup by buying organic products, you are still at risk. Farms and animals neighboring fields where they are spraying the chemical contain traces of Roundup due to runoff.

According to study findings from Detox Project, 93% of participants who volunteered for the study contain traces of the chemical in their bodies. Children have higher concentration levels of the chemical than adults.

If you or a loved contracted cancer after using Roundup, contact your injury attorney to help seek justice.

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