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What to Do in the Event of a Wrongful Death

No matter what the cause, wrongful death can have a lasting and devastating impact on the loved ones of the deceased, and while filing criminal charges against the perpetrator is the first step in gaining closure and fulfilling justice for the victim, it does not award financial damages to the family of the victim. If your loved one passed away due to wrongful death, consider hiring a wrongful death attorney today. 

Hire a Wrongful Death Attorney

Although monetary compensation will do little to ease the impact of the loss, it is often necessary for easing the financial burden for family members who will inevitably have to deal with lost wages, medical bills, and burial costs which is why it could be helpful to hire a wrongful death attorney to file a claim on your behalf.

Whether the death occurred as a result of negligence or an intentional act, a reputable wrongful death attorney from Robert J. DeBry and Associates can help during such difficult times by firstly establishing whether the wrongful death claim is valid and sound, and if so, gathering considerable evidence to build a case that proves the defendant as guilty.

To confirm whether or not you have a legitimate case, it is essential to know what classes a ‘wrongful death.’ 

The most common types include:

Intentional death: where the perpetrator deliberately kills the victim.

Medical malpractice: places blame on a medical professional for negligence during an operation or failure to diagnose a condition.

Vehicle-related accidents: which are often a direct result of the reckless actions of another driver.

Work-related accidents: where the death occurred from operating unsafe machinery or due to employers failing to implement appropriate safety precautions.

Trust Our Attorneys

Our trusted wrongful death attorneys will swiftly establish whether your claim can adequately prove that the defendant was either directly or indirectly responsible for the victim’s death by breaching their responsibility of care and that this breach resulted in the death.

Due to the burden of proof required in such claims, it can often become difficult and overwhelming for the deceased’s family members to fight the case alone. 

Get in touch with an experienced wrongful death attorney at Robert J. DeBry & Associates today who can file the right claim on your behalf and get you the help that you need.

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