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Autumn is a popular time to hike, especially up Provo Canyon in Utah. The air is clear and the colors are vivid. While hiking in the fall can be fun, it is important that you are safe, too. When you grab your boots and hit the trail, remember these tips to enjoy a worry-free hike.

Smart Hike

When you are choosing your hike, choose a smart hike. Don’t do anything too difficult for your skill level. Evaluate the hike and your ability. If you think the hike may be too demanding for you or others you are hiking with, don’t do it. You could slip and fall or suffer from a personal injury.

If you happen to suffer from an injury and are worried about the cost of doctor’s appointments, a lawyer can help you deal with your insurance company.

Be Cautious of Hunters

Fall isn’t just for hiking. Many people hunt in the fall as well. This is an important tip for hunters and hikers. Hunting is in full force and both parties need to be aware of that. Hikers can pack an orange vest. If they see hunters, be sure they are aware of you.

Hike smart so you don’t suffer from an injury. If you cause an accident, or happen to be in one, you need to hire a lawyer to keep you involved and help walk you through the entire legal process.

Watch the Forecast

During the fall, weather changes quickly. Be sure to watch the forecast throughout the day. You don’t want to end up hiking in the freezing rain or snow. This would be cold and you could suffer from personal injury due to the weather and terrain.

Suffering from an injury is never convenient. There are insurance companies and multiple doctor appointments you will have to deal with. If the medical bills are too much to face alone, hire a lawyer to help you through the process.


6 Fall Hiking Tips

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