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Robert J. DeBry & Associates Christmas Giveaway

Christmas time is a period of celebration and gift-giving, but for many, it can be a difficult and challenging time. This Christmas, Robert. J. Debry & Associates launched a giveaway gifting Utah families in need with toys, clothing, and meals.

At Robert J.DeBry & Associates, we prioritize our involvement in the community. We’ve run campaigns urging Utah residents to wear bike helmets, supported Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) through donations, and offered free ride home services for residents coming from bars.

The Law Firm That Cares

Robert J. Debry & Associates has partnered with the local community for many years. Our involvement in social outreach programs and campaigns has become a priority. 

Our Utah law firm is donating $20,000 towards the Christmas Giveaway. This money will help needy families in the region to get some warm clothes, toys for their children, and hot, filling meals. Individuals can nominate needy families by filling out the form on our website until December 15, 2021.

How We’re Giving Back

The nomination process is free, and individuals don’t have to donate either. The only requirement is that the family lives in Utah. During this process, the firm collects information on nominated families, the number of children, and their interests. The Utah law firm will be helping them celebrate the holidays and giving them gifts.

Serving Utah’s Residents

As the first and original personal injury law firm in Utah, Robert, J. Debry & Associates has served the residents of this region for decades. We haven’t limited ourselves to legal representation. Through charities and community-driven programs, we’ve strived to ensure Utah citizens’ safety, security, and health.


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