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Proving Loyalty To The Slenderman

The internet age has come with many things that can be considered unchartered territory. Many things are happening with the quickness and extensive connectivity of the internet. There is little to no control over how information flows and who it reaches. Such is the case of the Slenderman, the internet’s boogieman, who turned children homicidal. Such instances might require a wrongful death lawyer, and Robert J. DeBry & Associates provides some of the best in the industry.

Who is the Slenderman?

Like the made-up tales of Frankenstein, the internet created its monster known as the Slenderman. The faceless, unnaturally tall figure in the black suit with tentacles coming out of his back, monitoring a bunch of kids, first appeared in June 2009. The Slenderman started as two manipulated images, known as the work of Victor Surge, an alias of artist Eric Knudsen.

These two detailed images sparked a collective exercise of mythologizing the Slenderman, frequently in the form of fabricated eyewitness tales, that quickly spread online. He swiftly transitioned from altered images to online stories and, subsequently, to various other media, such as online games and TV series.

Pledging loyalty to the Slenderman

12-year-olds Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier awoke during a sleepover party in Waukesha, Wisconsin (Milwaukee), in May 2014, lured their friend to a nearby forested area, and then attacked her with a knife, stabbing her 19 times and leaving her for dead. Police interviewed the girls, who said they had committed this to please the fictitious character Slenderman. They aimed to meet Slenderman in his house in the neighboring Nicolet National Forest. The young girls believed the murder was a sacrifice to demonstrate their commitment. The idea of murder astonished one of the girls, but she was also eager to disprove the doubters and confirm that Slenderman existed.

The stabbed girl crawled to a neighboring roadside, where a passing biker found her. Luckily she managed to live. Her family, while suing, had she passed on, would need a wrongful death lawyer to help them build a strong case.

Getting Help

People are prone to making mistakes and doing things that can, at the very worst, cause someone’s death. At Robert J. DeBry & Associates, there are wrongful death lawyers who can help you analyze and build a sustainable case as you seek justice.

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