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Geri Kelley


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Geri C. Kelley, an associate attorney at Robert J. DeBry & Associates, has
dedicated her life to helping others and has represented over 700 clients
since working at the firm. She is highly motivated and dedicated to caring
for her clients who need help because of a personal injury or automobile
Before Geri decided to pursue a law degree at Quinnipiac University in
Connecticut, she received a B.A. in English with a secondary teaching
certificate, along with her nursing degree from Weber State University.
After she received her undergraduate degree, she spent the next five years
working as a nurse and 10 years after that teaching English and the
Humanities to high school students in Davis County, Utah.
Geri enjoys getting involved in local politics. During her undergraduate, she
served as assistant to the president for the student body government. After
she received her degree, she worked for Senator Jake Garn, and later she
decided to run for a local house seat in Salt Lake County, Utah.
Since Geri began to work for the firm over 20 years ago, she has
represented and helped people with serious injuries receive a fair
settlement. For example, she helped a family of three daughters receive
closure and compensation for the medical bills after their father was killed
in a motorcycle accident by an improperly fastened trailer, which came
loose and slammed head-on into his motorcycle.
Geri still has the same passion and hard-working attitude that has helped
her settle cases like these. She continues to fight for people who need fair
compensation from insurance companies that are treating them unfairly.
A few years ago, Geri represented a young boy who was not able to
communicate or fully function by himself because he was mentally disabled
and as a result, needed constant supervision and assistance. The boy’s
nighttime care-giver fell asleep during her night shift, and while she was

asleep the boy’s roommate attacked him, leaving him seriously injured.
Geri was able to reach a settlement for this young boy that allowed the
parents to pay his current and future hospital bills.
When Geri is not hard at work representing people who have had an
accident, she is either cooking or trying new foods. Geri is a major foodie
and excellent cook. She has traveled all over Europe and has maintained a
very wide view of the world from her many travels.


  • Weber State University, L.P.N., 1981
  • Weber State University B.S. and teaching certificate, 1985
  • Quinnipiac University, J.D., 2000


  • Utah State Bar
  • Women Lawyers in Utah


  • Utah State Bar, 2000