The products you use should be designed, manufactured, and tested to work safely. But when companies put profits over safety, people like you get injured. You shouldn’t have to pay for a corporation’s negligent behavior. At Robert J. DeBry & Associates, our Salt Lake City defective product lawyers have a reputation for standing up for the rights of injured victims.

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Types of Defective Product Claims

Defects can be the result of negligence at any point during a product’s development, production, or release. You may be able to file a claim if you were injured due to:

  • Manufacturing defects
    Manufacturers and other companies can be held responsible if you’ve been injured by a product’s improper assembly, the use of poor quality materials, or as the result of careless quality control.
  • Design defects
    Potential safety hazards often result in serious injury when designers fail to consider the way products are used. If you’ve been injured by a poorly designed product, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.
  • Marketing defects
    If you were harmed by a company’s failure to warn you about the possible safety hazards of using their product, Robert J. DeBry can help protect your rights.

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Help You Can Trust

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