There are few experiences in life that can compare to the birth of your child. But that precious moment can become traumatic if your child is born with a birth injury. Some birth injuries are unavoidable, but many are preventable.

If you or your baby were injured because of a healthcare provider’s mistake, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your and your baby’s injuries, medical expenses, and pain and suffering. The Salt Lake City birth injury lawyers at Robert J. DeBry & Associates know how painful this time can be, and we’ll do everything we can to help. Call us at (801) 699-9999 or fill out a free initial consultation form today.

Birth Injury Causes

When something goes wrong during the birthing process, it’s your medical provider’s responsibility to do everything in his or her power to prevent injuries or other complications. Common mistakes by doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers can include:

  • Misdiagnosis
    Your doctor is responsible for diagnosing you or your baby with any potential complications before and after delivery. If he fails to do so and an injury occurs, he could be considered negligent.
  • Forceps
    Doctors often must use forceps to assist during the birthing process. But if too much pressure is applied, your baby may suffer a severe skull or facial injury.
  • Lack of oxygen
    Babies are sometimes born with the umbilical cord around their necks, which can reduce their oxygen supply. If this happens to your baby and the doctor doesn’t remove it in time, your baby could be deprived of oxygen for several minutes and develop brain damage.
  • Breech delivery
    A breech delivery means your baby is born feet first, which can result in skull injuries and broken bones if the doctor doesn’t call for an emergency cesarean section or other preventive measure.

Other injuries due to negligence may occur after birth, such as problems during circumcision, failure to treat infection, or failure to diagnose internal injuries in you or your child.

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