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  •   Here in Utah—and in most American states, for that matter—car insurance is required of vehicle owners. Understandably, if you’re regularly paying your insurance premiums and living up to your end of the bargain, it should safely be assumed that an insurer will do likewise. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Truthfully, with certain auto insurers, the biggest issue is protecting their respective bottom lines and not helping you get back out on the open
  •   Regardless of whether you’re from Utah or have decided to start a life elsewhere, child birth is one of life’s most momentous experiences. Though pregnancy can be a physically trying matter for many young mothers, the miracle of modern medicine generally makes the process a more enjoyable one. That being said, from time to time, a prescription drug or medical procedure will arise that compromises the safety of both a mother and her precious
  •   Regardless of the environment in which you and your family are currently living, it’s important that substance abuse and the prevention thereof be treated as a serious matter. Generally speaking, here at Robert J. DeBry, we deal with claims involving drug injury. While prescribed medications are generally able to work wonders for their respective patients, when used irresponsibly, addiction can develop and a pain—both of an emotional and physical nature—is destined to follow. Seeing
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    Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center recently found that damaged white matter in the brain may be correlated to traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). In a study of 74 patients with TBIs, researchers used an MRI technique that measures damage to white matter. These terrible brain injuries are not only traumatic, but leave lasting aftereffects. One common outcome of TBI is depression. Of the 74 participants in the study, 32 were suffering from depression
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    Sometimes when a member of the military returns home from a bad slip and fall or battle injury they are unable to find a steady job. Some injuries can be debilitating. That is why our government set up a veteran disability program which allows them to receive benefits.  This program originally just required veterans to write down their ailments and the reason for their inability to be employed in Utah or anywhere else. After that,
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    Personal injury cases as a result of wrongful death or anything else provide a means of compensation for the victim. Whether here in Utah or elsewhere, it can seem like another great injustice if this compensation is then taxed by federal or state law. That money is to make things better, so shouldn’t it all go to the victim? As a general rule, there is no tax on personal injury rewards. However, there are some
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    Because products are now being manufactured mostly overseas, the U.S. has less power to regulate safe product construction. No one knows what exactly goes on in foreign production plants, but it’s not always in the best interest of the customer. More often than not, the cheaper, foreign alternatives push manufacturers into foreign markets. Whether here in Utah or elsewhere, if we don’t know that the products we buy are guaranteed to be safe, then how
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    Some of the most common damages in a personal injury case are medical bills. It is commonly accepted in Utah and everywhere else that if a person or business causes injury to someone, then the responsible party should be liable for resulting medical bills. These medical bills, however, can make personal injury claims a little more complicated. Some think that when health insurance companies pay for medical expenses it means that the victim is already
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      Simply put, automobiles are dangerous. Though necessary in today’s day and age for transportive means, when you or a loved one venture outside the comfort or your home by way of a motor vehicle, the risk of being hurt in an auto accident is run. From distracted and inebriated to inexperienced and drowsy, the types of people with whom the open road is shared is nothing short of intimidating. That being said, there’s another
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      Normally, when people think of tragic auto accidents and the conscious prevention thereof, their minds are drawn to incidents involving alcohol or illegal drugs. While those types of accidents are most certainly an issue in need of a sound resolution both here in Utah and elsewhere, in today’s current day and age, another type of mind-altering activity is taking place behind far too many of America’s steering wheels: texting. While the communicative means might
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    A hard day on the job only gets harder when some sort of work-related injury occurs. Oftentimes the injured can apply for workers’ compensation which provides them medical and financial assistance to assist in recovery. Some injuries come from harsh conditions that no one would be surprised about, but others are just flat out unexpected. The top injury related to workers’ compensation is overexertion. While this may not be surprising, it is a constant problem
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    When the doctor provides a medication, the impulse reaction is to always trust their advice. If the doctor prescribed it, then the medication couldn’t be harmful, could it? Although doctors will usually go over the side effects of a drug before prescribing it to a patient in Utah or anywhere else, that doesn’t mean injury won’t occur. Many commonly used medications have effects that can be extremely dangerous when not used with caution. One such