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How Is “13 Reasons Why” Negatively Affecting Teens?

You’ve probably heard of the new Netflix show called, “13 Reason’s Why.” It landed on the popular streaming website at the end of March of this year and has already made an impact – and not in a good way.

Teen suicides are something that no parent should have to go through but unfortunately happen more than they should. Though suicides don’t always require a needing the assistance of a wrongful death lawyer, they are just as challenging for the people who are left behind by the loss.

What Is “13 Reasons Why?”

The show is based on best-selling author Jay Asher’s young adult book. The series follows Hannah Bakker, a fictional character who commits suicide and leaves behind 13 mysterious tapes of herself. In the tapes, she addresses each person who she believed played a role in her decision to kill herself.

What Happened

In April, only weeks after the premiere of the show on Netflix, two California teens took their lives shortly after watching the show. The two teens didn’t know each other but had finished the series around the same time and died within four days of each other.

People are even mimicking the plot of “13 Reasons Why” and taking their lives after leaving tapes with footage of themselves, including one Peruvian man.

The Backlash

The families of the victims blame the show for acting as a trigger for their children’s suicide. They, along with a large majority of other people, believe the show glamorizes teen suicide. In addition, they believe it provides an easy out for their children to look to if they have been struggling with depression or have previously tried to take their lives.

Each year, almost 160,000 teens have to receive medical attention for self-inflicted injuries. Many people believe that allowing this type of show to stream is dangerous for teens that have had previous history of inflicting personal injury upon themselves. Of course, an attorney is always an option, and in the case of a wrongful death suicide, it’s hard to know the next steps to take. Don’t hesitate to call us here at Robert J. DeBry & Associates, a Salt Lake City personal injury firm, to talk to an attorney.



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